Secure and Portable

ID Control USB Token is a secure USB flash Token with secure flash storage up to  64GB, protecting with strong encryption and a mandatory strong password protecting your digital assets and privacy inside. The ID Control USB Token provides very interesting security and portability features.


Partner Overview

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ID Control delivers its' authentication solutions and products only via an indirect channel which is composed of certificate authorities, technology solution partners, distributors, resellers and agents. ID Control's Partner Program exists to make it easy and profitable for you to sell high class authentication products and solutions. Our goal is to make our partner program as simple, straightforward, and effective as our industry-leading products and solutions.

Why partner with ID Control with its' Mobile Authentication, Keystroke Recognition, Risk Based Authentication and (PKI) USB and OTP Tokens?
The usage of USB tokens for X.509 certificates and related PKI techniques, Mobile Authentication, OTP Tokens, Risk Based Authentication and Keystroke Dynamics is getting more and more common because of the short comings of username/password authentication. It enables users to sign and encrypt messages, to use secure communication channels for internet communication and to authenticate themselves to all kind of network services. The overall usage of web applications, server based computing, home based working, VPN, web based and unprotected e-mail, poses not only a security risk but it does also restrict the increasing user demand for mobility. A solution to these problems can be KeystrokeID, MessageID, HandyID, USB-tokens, OTP Keys, RiskID and the centralized and integrated ID Control Server.

The easy, affordable and strong solutions are very promising for the widespread usage of strong authentication. In a PC-dominated world the USB-tokens and OTP Keys have the advantage, that no additional reader is necessary to use them even on foreign hosts. Or just turn your mobile phone with MessageID or HandyID into a strong authentication token. When you do not want any token, then KeystrokeID will recognize your keystroke behaviour as a mean of biometrics. At the same time the ID Control authentication solutions offer you a totall range of security features on a modular basis at an unbeatable price. So why not join the new upcoming leader in Authentication?

ID Control's Partner Program builds relevance and value into all the tools and resources we provide to help you thrive in the authentication market. You'll find benefits and resources to support all stages of your business cycle, helping you to:

Plan your business: The tools and resources to help you grow and develop your business.
Build and maintain expertise: Assistance in building and maintaining expertise in the particular areas of strong authentication through training resources and access to sources of ID Control for development, support, sales, or internal-use purposes.
Market and sell: Marketing activities and resources to help you create demand and build sales around new product and solution launches and new marketing initiatives.
Provide service and support: The tools and services you need to aid in delivering and supporting ID Control Authentication software and products.
Retain your customers: Tools to help you connect with and strengthen your customer relationships.

In case you would like to know more about our Partner Program, look at the partner degrees of your interest or contact us!

Buy ID Control USB Token

ID Control USB Token with the security features:

  • Digital Certificates Vault
  • File and Disk Encryption
  • Applicaton Virtualization
  • Password management
  • Favorites management

Price: 49,00 Euros


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