Secure and Portable

ID Control USB Token is a secure USB flash Token with secure flash storage up to  64GB, protecting with strong encryption and a mandatory strong password protecting your digital assets and privacy inside. The ID Control USB Token provides very interesting security and portability features.

Technical Specifications

ID Control USB TokenTechnical Specifications of the ID Control USB Token:

  • 256 bits encryption to encrypt and decrypt data files
  • Interface standard – USB2.0 compatible with USB1.1
  • Transmission speed - 24 MB/sec. read speed, 14 MB/sec. write speed
  • Dimension - 6cm×1.8cm×0.6cm
  • Plug and play – no need to install drivers for the security modules
  • Operating systems - Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008
  • Work temperature -10~60℃  Work voltage - 5V  Work current - 300mA
  • Humidity - 0~60℃/30~120℉
  • Bus power supply – USB direct power supply, no need of exterior power
  • Data reserve – amount to 10 years, hardware for 5 years life in normal use
  • Shell of USB flash disk – small with extra-thin shape and size
  • Easy plug-and-play connectivity to mainstream PKI and security clients
  • Customized printing of logo possible depending on order size

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