Secure and Portable

ID Control USB Token is a secure USB flash Token with secure flash storage up to  64GB, protecting with strong encryption and a mandatory strong password protecting your digital assets and privacy inside. The ID Control USB Token provides very interesting security and portability features.


ID ControlID Control B.V., offers strong, affordable and easy authentication with the mobile authentication solutions HandyID and MessageID based on One Time Password technology, keystroke behavior recognition with KeystrokeID, risk based assessment of the DNA of mobile phones with RiskID as a strong authentication method for mobile phones before syncing of email or contact data takes place, hardware based authentication tokens based on One Time Password technology with ID Control OTP Key or PKI based authentication and signing with the ID Control USB Token. Strong authentication is possible for VPN, web mail, network authentication, server based computing and web applications. Organizations that use different authentication methods and tokens for different users, accounts, services, systems and/or applications can centrally and integrally manage all kinds, even compatible third party tokens, with the ID Control Server.

ID Control BV is specialized in advanced strong authentication and encryption solutions. ID Control offers a variety of security hardware and software strong authentication tokens and services in order to make your access to extranet, VPN, web mail, Server Based Computing, transactions and the digital signature with strong authentication more secure.

ID Control: “Strong, Affordable and Easy Authentication”

ID Control offers strong authentication solutions with:

  • HandyID runs as a security application on your mobile phone and generates dynamic and unique one time passwords (OTP), which you can only use when you know your PIN.
  • MessageID is a One Time Password (OTP)-based short messaging service to your mobile phone, which provides the user with a cost-effective and secure two-factor authentication (something you know (username) and something you have (mobile phone)) method.
  • KeystrokeID: Biometric authentication on the basis of the Recognition of your Keystroke Behavior during log-on.
  • RiskID: Risk based authentication based on the characteristics of the hardware device accessing (ideal for Mobile Outlook Access Authentication).
  • ID Control USB token with secure encryption of file, disk and flash memory, computer authentication, password management, application virtualization, PKI generation and storage and other security features.
  • ID Control OTP Key: hardware One-Time Password Key with optional a replaceable battery.
  • MailID: encryption, decryption and digital signing of important, confidential en sensitive documents via e-mail from sender to receiver with strong authentication (MessageID/PKI/Strong Password);
  • ID Control Server manages from a single, fully integrated and central platform for your blended and maybe even simultaneously used authentication means such as the mobile (OTP) authentication HandyID and SMS-based One-Time Password (MessageID but also ID Control OTP Keys, behaviour biometrics such as KeystrokeID.

With these strong authentication methods you can realize:

  • Computer and Network Access Control .
  • Digital Signing of invoices and transactions
  • Email Encryption and Signing
  • Secure VPN Authentication
  • Server Based Computing Sign-On
  • Web Application Sign-On, such as Internet Banking
  • Unified Authentication Management

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