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ID Control USB Token is a secure USB flash Token with secure flash storage up to  64GB, protecting with strong encryption and a mandatory strong password protecting your digital assets and privacy inside. The ID Control USB Token provides very interesting security and portability features.

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ID Control introduces MailID for Secure E-Mailing

ID Control brings highly secure, easy and advanced authentication, authorisation and access management solutions to the market. ID Control offers a diversity of security products and services in order to provide businesses with secure and authorized extranet (intranet, internet) access, secure transactions and payments, secure access, identification, authorisation, strong authentication and digital signing. ID Control will differentiate itself from its competitors (generally larger firms) through a relatively low cost of ownership with a high security level while remaining user-friendly. At the same time it develops unique product market combinations, that will serve as unique selling competitive advantages.

ID Control has revealed recently the launch of MailID, the worlds most easy and secure e-mail signing-, encryption- and decryption software to enforce compliance demands and to guarantee that confidential data is delivered securely through e-mail. MailID's software license is free of charge and documents can be exchanged securely with signed and completely sealed and secured e-mail. MailID guarantees the digital integrity, confidentiality and signature of the e-mail and its message contents. Sensitive information can now be securely exchanged and sealed via e-mail, such as with banking statements and loan offers from banks, electronic invoices from enterprises and annual statement from accountants, recipes from doctors and pharmacies and files from lawyers.

MailID operates easily and can be activated by writing the word "secure" into the subject of the e-mail. The e-mail will then be automatically encrypted and signed and the visible content of the recipient's e-mail shows only the MailID number and a notification that an SMS is delivered to the mobile phone of the recipient containing a one time password. MessageID is a password that is dynamically generated and distributed through SMS. The e-mail message can be opened, decrypted and read only with this MessageID, and copying the right one time password received via SMS.

MailID seems to be more like a courier service, but goes further by sealing the message and enclosed information with a signature of the sender by which only the recipient with the access key sent by SMS related to his or her mail slot can read the locked information. E-mail is compared to postcards in a glass mailbox, but could also be opened or faked. MailID empowers a tremendously huge cost reduction by evading the utilization of traditional fax, courier service or postal exchange by introducing secure document exchange and distribution by e-mail.


ID Control adds login protection to Exact Synergy

Exact SoftwareID Control, the Hague, Netherlands-based specialist in online identity and access management, has integrated its authentication and encryption solutions with Exact Synergy, a browser-based solution of Delft, Netherlands-based Exact Software that works in conjunction with traditional ERP applications.

ID Control notes that “sensitive information can now be securely exchanged to the right persons, who are really who they proclaim to be, such as with access to annual profit and loss and income statements, electronic invoices from enterprises and annual statements from accountants and sensitive customer data.”

ID Control “empowers the authentication procedure by providing strong authentication tokens with dynamic passwords on your mobile phone or on a hardware token. Next to One Time Password authentication the user's typing behaviour can be recognized during log-in and even the legal binding digital signature can be used to sign-on to a transaction or access,” according to the company statement.

The company calls unauthorized access “probably the most significant vulnerability to your business-critical Exact Synergy environment,” and promises that with ID Control in place, “confidentiality, integrity, and proof of origin of any communication within the online Exact environment can be ensured.”


Keep the hackers outside with Securepoint and ID Control

SecurepointThe Hague, 26 February 2010, ID Control, the specialist in strong and easy authentication and encryption has integrated its’ solutions with Securepoint, the Unified Threat Management solution which protects the gate to your network resources or your remote office from a mixture of risks and threats. Sensitive information from your network or application can now be securely exchanged with Securepoint’s VPN access to the right persons, who are really who they proclaim to be.

A lot of organizations that offer remote working facilities to their clients, subsidiaries, branche offices, suppliers or employees enable private tunnels to internal network resources or applications through VPN. Securepoint manages the network related security threats and risks in a blended easy protective approach and provides the VPN from one centrally managed secure point at the gate. Together with ID Control users need to authenticate themselves when accessing the VPN, which was before with only a user name and password, which is a relatively weak authentication mechanism. ID Control empowers the authentication procedure by providing strong authentication tokens with dynamic passwords on your mobile phone or on a hardware token.  Next to One Time Password authentication the user’s legal binding digital signature on a USB token can be used to sign-on to the access of  Securepoint’s VPN.  ID Control’s solutions are affordable and very user-friendly and available for Securepoint’s VPN but also for web based email and other services such as web application, network and remote desktop access.

Hans Kortekaas, CEO of ID Control, says that unauthorized access is probably the most significant vulnerability to your organizations’ network environment. This can put the availability of your network, the confidentiality of business data inside your network, and your entire business activity at risk. And it also exposes your company and its management to potential compliance issues with regulations and data privacy laws. Controlling the identity and access of the users to VPN are ranked high in priority on the list of security measures nowadays. With ID Control and Securepoint in place, confidentiality, integrity, and proof of origin of any communication before entering the tunnel into your network can be ensured.

Securepoint,, founded in 1997, is the fastest growing Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution in Germany and develops and markets innovative IT-Security Technology for the total protection of an organization’s network. Securepoint UTM-security solutions (Unified Threat Management) with Firewall, IDS, VPN, Virus protection, web content/spam filtering and high availability features meet all of the security demands and wishes of today’s IT security manager. Securepoint excels in the easy web based configuration and administration of the system for all security modules. Securepoint is available as Appliance, or Software which can be installed on any computer or server, or VMWare image. All Securepoint solutions are distributed over a network of 2.000 partners securing already more than 32.000 networks worldwide. Customers range from small businesses, lawyers and doctors, to large industries and ministries.

ID Control, located in The Hague, provides strong and easy authentication tokens and unified authentication management. The range of strong authentication tokens for secure online access is composed of HandyID, MessageID, KeystrokeID, the ID Control OTP Key and USB Token. HandyID is an OTP generating application running on your mobile device, the ID Control OTP Key is an OTP generating hardware token, the ID Control USB Token stores and generates digital signatures and OTPs and KeystrokeID recognizes users on the basis of their typing behaviour while logging in. At the same time ID Control offers e-mail encryption, decryption and authentication with MailID which uses MessageIDs One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS for opening up e-mail with attachments.


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We protected the internet banking solution we developed for a large financial insititute with PKI and stored the digital certificates inside of the ID Control USB Token. Thanks for all the great support and easy integration.

- SFL Pro Armenia

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